"At the Beverley, our goal is to give our guests that "handmade" feeling, the organic feeling of service.  Helping guests feel at home while on the road. Our hotel allows us to focus on our guests and tailor an experience in and around the hotel. It truly helps as we are located on the best street in the city!"

-Sarah Ohm, Experience Coordinator

Reach out, email us at sarah@thebeverleyhotel.ca - let us know how we can tailor your "Beverley Experience, while in Toronto, our concierge services entail anything and everything (as long as its legal ;) )

- Bridal/Baby/Wedding Showers
- Wedding Proposals
- Birthday Parties
- Engagement Parties
- Professional Meetings/Events
- Custom Happy Hour
- Film Screenings
- Anything you need!

Our motto - Consider it Done!